Wednesday, 28 September 2016

Let's Get Started...

I always assumed that the first blog would be hard to write. It's taken me a couple of days to get this nailed so it would appear my assumption wasn't far off the mark!  Hopefully it will get easier (and quicker) from here on in.

First things first - why the name Comfy Marmalade?  What does it mean?  Well, nothing to be perfectly honest, the words just seemed to fit together.  I chose 'Comfy Marmalade' for a couple of reasons.

Marmalade has been something of a constant throughout my life - yes, really!  I was an incredibly fussy eater as a child and marmalade sandwiches were just about the only thing I would eat happily.  Family members and old friends still delight in reminding me of this.

Here's me as a child - all 80s flick and velour tracksuit

And now marmalade is one of the things my (very culinary talented) husband likes to make.

Husband's marmalade - yum

Marmalade reminds me of home and comfort and people I love.  Comfy-ness!

It also happens to be orange, which is my favourite colour.  Orange makes me think of warmth, of retro patterns, of fun.  As I was trying to think of a name for the blog, I noticed that the colour orange makes an appearance in numerous places around our home; I haven't made a conscious decision to fill our home with it, it's just crept in over the years.  You'll notice that muted colours aren't really my thing, and you can't get much brighter than marmalade orange!

I love this lampshade - it's by a fantastic designer called Louise Brainwood.  I would buy everything in her shop if I could...

My retro biscuit tin (which has been raided regularly recently by yours truly) sits on our dresser
alongside a fab Pyrex dish and an Orla Kiely canister.

This is on our hallway wall.  The Boy is 4 and loves to write -
this is his take on The Dengineers (a programme our 10-year loves on British channel CBBC).
I love it for the work he's put into it, and of course for the colour.

Orange retro-style plant pot, behind my crocheted owl.

More Orla K in the bathroom, with our Welbeck tiles peeping out behind them.
Different eras and styles but together I love 'em.

Pops of orange on our dining room sofa.
This sofa came from Habitat around 17 years ago - it's knackered but so comfy we can't bear to part with it.
The three cushions on the left are made by yours truly, and the one on the right is by Louise Brainwood again.

It just so happens that I'm launching the blog in autumn, my second favourite season (after spring).  Autumnal colours are all around at the moment.  I found these two beautiful leaves in our back yard yesterday - aren't they just gorgeous?

So, Comfy Marmalade it is.  I'll be back again soon, and will introduce you to some of my crafty makes.

Bye for now!
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  1. Welcome to the blogosphere! I think all this talk of marmalade has inspired my next baking session. I'll provide marmalade buns at our next gossip, sorry, ideas meeting... x