Friday, 14 October 2016

Comfy Make: Autumnal Crocheted Wreath (and pumpkin)

As you've probably worked out by now, Autumn is one of my favourite seasons.  I love the colours and the drop in temperature, and even though the leaves falling off the trees are technically dying, there's something incredibly beautiful about their gracefulness as they fall, and the way they go out with such a bang colour-wise.

I'm not one of these people who changes their entire home décor as soon as Autumn approaches - if a cushion or a throw are on view in our home then the chances are they've been there all year round.  However, I do have the odd piece that I put out to celebrate a specific season or occasion, and this is one of them.  It's an Autumnal themed crocheted wreath.

My Autumn-inspired wreath, which is hung on our inner front door
and greets everyone as they enter our home

Do you like it?  It's a mish-mash of various crochet patterns, and a good dollop of me flying solo and making it up as I go along.  In total, materials-wise, I reckon this cost me no more than about £4 to make.

*** I should say at this point that if you can't crochet - don't panic!  There are ideas for similar non-crocheted versions at the end.  Or you could just admire the pretty pictures...***

The base is a polystyrene wreath which I bought from a local craft store for a couple of pounds (literally - I think it cost £2.50) but you can easily get them online.  The one I used measures 25cm across the diameter and has a flat back, which helps it to sit snug against our inner front door.

I chose the colours for the wool based on the shades of autumn - orange, brown, green, and a lovely light blue to represent the colour of those clear Autumnal skies.  I kept to these four colours so as not to make the wreath look too 'busy'.  I used double crochet (single crochet US terms) and a 4mm crochet hook to produce a long striped rectangle.  I crocheted 25 stitches across and basically kept going until I had enough to stretch round the outer edge of the wreath, changing colours on a regular but random basis.  Once I was happy with the length of the rectangle, I stretched it round the wreath and sewed the long sides together at the back, to make a sleeve.  Once the wreath was covered, I sewed together the ends of the sleeve to form a continuous wreath cover.

The back of the wreath - I've stretched the rectangle around the wreath base and sewn together the
long sides, to form a snug sleeve.  It doesn't matter what colour wool you use, or how rough your
stitches are - no-one will see it anyway.  Unless you take a photo and put it on a blog...!

Originally, I crocheted all manner of flora and fauna to decorate the wreath, however sometimes less is more, and I decided to stick with just two decorative features - a gorgeous little hedgehog, and a toadstool to add a flash of colour, both of which were really easy to make.  And both of which were made using free patterns from the internet.



The hedgehog was made from a free pattern I found at One Man Crochet. I found the pattern very easy to follow and you can make different sizes of 'hog depending on your hook.  I used a 3.5mm hook to make mine, and I just love him.  I also made a couple of hedgehog friends who have now gone to live with our next door neighbour and our niece, who took hers to University with her.

The toadstool was also very easy to make and was from a free pattern I found at Annaboo's House.  I made mine in traditional red, but you could use any colour you wish.  I added some white felt spots to mine, to make it extra cute and whimsical.

I also cut some leaf shapes out of various autumnal coloured pieces of felt.  You can get all manner of leaf templates online, it's just a case of deciding which one(s) you'd like to use.

I stuck the leaves onto the wreath first, using extra strong glue; once dry I stuck the hedgehog and toadstool on.  You could sew them on, it's just personal choice.  Finally, I found a length of co-ordinating rick-rack trim and used it to hang the wreath up.

I think this is probably one of my favourite colours ever, and I love
the silkiness of the rick-rack against the rustic wool

Voila! One Autumnal themed wreath.

The finished article

You could add anything you like to yours - there are crochet, felt and knitting patterns for all manner of Autumnal bits and pieces such as acorns, squirrels and conkers.  Or you could use actual conkers or acorns (but perhaps not actual squirrels for obvious reasons!).  Like I say, personally I prefer mine to have a bit of space to it, but why not go all out?

If you're looking for inspiration for crocheted wreaths, I strongly suggest you visit the wonderful Lucy at Attic24.  Lucy goes to town on her wreaths and they are truly amazing, as is pretty much everything she produces.  She also is very skilled at explaining her crochet patterns in simple and easy-to-follow terms, and writes an inspiring blog.  I love Attic24.

Or, if crochet isn't your thing, you could always wrap short lengths of material around your wreath and secure them at the back.  Here's a Christmas wreath that the Girl made a couple of years ago when she was about 7 years old; we still hang it up every year...

The Girl is outwardly mortified but secretly delighted that we put this out on display year after year.
I love its simplicity and sparkle.  But mostly I love that the Girl made it.

Or why not find some little plastic figurines of squirrels and other woodland wildlife and stick them on?  Or make some out of modelling clay or Lego?  Have fun!

Just before I go, I thought you might also like to see this crocheted pumpkin I made.  It was very quick and easy, and I love it - it will have pride of place on our mantelpiece until way after Halloween.

Can you get any more Halloween-y cuteness than this?!  I think not.

Close up of leaf, stalk and spiral.  Just because.

What do you think?  I'm so pleased with the way it turned out and, as with so many crocheted items, it looks quite complicated to make but is in fact really quite simple.  The pattern came from Cotton Pod, which is a cracking little website and blog that hasn't been going long but already has a strong following.  Sharon, Cotton Pod head honcho, is a lovely lady and incredibly skilled and helpful.  Her patterns are very user-friendly too; I've made a couple of items using Cotton Pod patterns and they've all been straightforward and successful.

Pumpkin in situe on our mantelpiece.
Yellow candle holder: charity shop.
Crocheted apple: yours truly from a pattern I've since misplaced.
Tealight holder: Atomic Soda.
Picture: was a greetings card I found and framed.
Critter: 'Babie' by the amazing, glorious Camila Prada.  I would have every single item of hers if I could.

I hope the wreath and pumpkin have inspired you to embrace all things Autumn and to have a go at making something for your own home.

Bye for now! xxx
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  1. Awesome! Love your Autumn Wreath, less is definately more, but especially love the hedgehog.....gotta make me one of those.....I feel a new pattern coming on!