Thursday, 27 October 2016

Halloween happies for your home

I'll be honest with you - Halloween is not my favourite celebration by any stretch of the imagination.  I think it's partly because I'm a bit of a wus and I'm not keen on being scared and jumped out on by folk in freaky outfits.  I think it's also because I really can't come to terms with the trick or treating (it always feels like begging somehow).  Anyway, while there are celebrations I'm much keener on, I try and make an effort and make the house a little 'spooky' for the kids' benefit.

Here are a couple of the items to be found scattered around our home this Halloween:

This year, the newest addition to our grizzly collection is this crocheted ghost, which is a pattern I've developed myself and can be found HERE. 

My lovely ghost - I'm incredibly pleased with the way he turned out,
not least because I designed him myself

BOO! Made you jump...

The kids have one each in their room, and I think I might make some more for next year because actually they're rather cute!

The Girl's amazing spider's web - how fab is this?!

The Girl made this spider's web and spider at a craft class she attends every month at Stitch Studio in Ramsbottom.  I think it's absolutely brilliant, and it's currently hanging from the overhead light in our hallway.

Close up of spooky spider.  Rather nervous fly in the background...

The web is made of black pipe cleaners and wool, and the spider and fly are made from small pieces of felt, a small amount of stuffing and some more pipe cleaners.  So blinkin' clever.  The make some amazing stuff at these kids craft classes, well worth a look if you're in the local area.

Now this is cheating a little as I've shown you the pumpkin before but I couldn't resist showing you again - how gorgeous?!

The lovely pumpkin.  Again.  Couldn't resist...

Cathie's amazing needle felted mouse.  I call him Eric, I don't know why.
Thank you, Cathie!

The pattern is from Cotton Pod and is really easy to make.  You may also notice a little critter resting on the pumpkin - he's a beautiful little mouse that one of my lovely friends, Cathie, made for me.  He's needle felted and he's tiny but perfectly formed, and so expressive.  I love him to bits and he stays out all year round, not just for Halloween.

Another friend of mine, Sam, found a pattern for an amazing frog at Makerist.  What do you think?

I love this frog soooo much, and have had lots of lovely comments about him.

The pattern is really easy to follow and I made him up in a couple of hours.  The eyes are fab because you don't actually attach the eyeballs to the sockets, so you can take the eyes out and move 'em around - they're so funny!  I'm planning on making a couple more (surprise, surprise - the kids now want one each!) and I thought I might also see if I could find a pattern for a cauldron that he could sit alongside…  In the meantime, I've doctred the pattern and made him a little monster chum to keep him company this Halloween.

Froggie's new friend, Mr Monster

Mr Monster was based on the original frog pattern, I just adapted it to suit my needs

The kids have been to their Halloween school discos this week.  The Boy was keen to dress up initially, but dismissed every option we gave him because they were all 'too scary'.  Hmm.  Sadly, try as we might, we couldn't find any non-scary Halloween fancy dress outfits!  Eventually (and right at the last minute) he decided he wanted to go as a drgaon.  Luckily he has a dinosaur outfit which doubled as a dragon - a little snug as he's had it for some time now but still!  He seemed suitably satisfied and declared himself to be the fiercest dragon at the disco!

The Girl on the other hand, was keen to go in disguise and decided she'd like to be a 'zombie school girl'.  We got her a dress and cardigan at a charity shop, ripped them to shreds, covered her in fake blood and gave her some spooky make-up.  Job done for another year, phew!

Whatever you're doing this Halloween, enjoy yourself!

Bye for now xxx

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