Tuesday, 13 December 2016

Comfy Christmas Decorations - Pom Pom wreath complete!

It feels like I've been working on this little beauty forever, but in truth the actual time I've spent on it has been relatively minimal - it's been everything else in my life that I've been spending hours and hours on in reality!  I got so close to finishing it on a number of occasions and then something else would crop up, and the pom pom maker and wool would be set aside for another wee while.  Thankfully I've managed to complete the wreath this side of Christmas - I had a dreadful feeling that I would be finally revealing it to you in June or so, the way things were going!

To recap my previous post, I've been working on a pom pom wreath to display in our home this Christmas.  However, despite a promise to finish it a week or so ago I failed miserably, and so the Big Reveal got delayed for a couple of days.

Making a pom pom wreath is easy, cheap and fun - anyone with a ball of wool and a pom pom maker can do it, it really takes no special skill at all.  The wreath I've made is pretty colourful (as is everything else in our house except the walls really), but I've seen some really simple but effective ones online that are done using just one or two colours.

So I've now completed my wreath and I have to say I'm really delighted with it.  Would you like to see it?  Are you ready?  Here it is….


Do you like it?  It's colourful and fluffy and soft and I love it.  I was soooo tempted to add more colours into the mix, but I managed to control the urge and stuck with a palette of eight colours in total: red, green, white, mid blue, kingfisher blue, purple, pink and a dash of yellow to brighten things up.

The colours, the colours...!

I wanted to go for jewel colours to complement the decorations on our Christmas tree (which is now up, yay!  More of that, and photos of our other decorations in a future post) and I think the final range of colours works really well.

When you look at the back of the wreath it looks neat and tidy but not good enough for display, which is fine for mine as it will hang or be displayed against a wall, so the back will never been seen.

If however your wreath will have its rear exposed (so to speak!) at any time, you can wrap the polystyrene wreath base in material or wool before you start, and cover up the ties of the pom poms once you've finished.

The instructions for how to make my pom pom wreath were detailed in my previous post which can be found here (pom pom wreath instructions). 

As for where to hang it… well, I haven't decided just yet, however I'm quite liking it where it sits at the moment - against our chimney breast and close to our stove, a glass dish of bright blue baubles, a colourful tealight holder my wonderful sister bought me a couple of years ago, and that branch in a vase I mentioned a few posts ago, which is now decorated in paper origami stars.

Loving my wreath.  And loving my new origami paper stars, too...

(Heaves big sigh of relief and contentment)  I hope you like my pom pom wreath - I'm really thrilled with it.  Might even make another one next Christmas, ya never know. 

The paper stars, you ask?  Well those are for a future blog…!

Bye for now (and thanks for being so patient about the wreath!) xxx

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