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Decorative delights and festive trimmings

A selection of festive decorations currently featuring in the Comfy Marmalade home

I've often admired those that adopt a minimalist stance when it comes to home décor, however it's not for me.  If it's colourful, I'll have it.  If there's a blank wall, I'll pop a picture on it.  If there's a space on the mantelpiece, it won't be there for long.

I adopt the same policy when it comes to Christmas.  I can't bear to see a room without some kind of festive trinket in it.  If there's a light fitting, chances are it's currently got decorations hanging from it.  Pictures are taken down and wreaths put up.  And why have a tree with 10 baubles of a limited colour palette when you can throw all and sundry at it?

I appreciate this attitude to home decoration isn't for everyone.  The Husband despairs on a regular basis but, until he takes an interest in sourcing items for our home (I'm sweating at the thought), he knows it's safer to put up and shut up!  He also knows that he's fighting a losing battle - I think it must be in my DNA…

We're now in full-on Christmas mode here and I love it!  We put the tree up last weekend;  we always have a real tree and to put it up any sooner would have been a bad idea - we'd be left with a balding twig by Christmas Day.  And I have to say, it does mighty fine...

The Girl and Boy start out with tons of enthusiasm for decorating it, but half an hour in and they're more interested in when the chocolate decorations are going to be cracked open, so I finish it off.  The Boy is four and so his contribution is a skirt of baubles around the bottom branches, which always make me smile.  The Girl is ten and so of course can reach a lot higher.  In amongst the high street bought bargains are a number of other treasures...

The Boy and Girl both have a selection of their very own baubles, which have been bought for them year on year by my thoughtful and resourceful sister, such a lovely idea.  She marks them with the year they relate to; they receive one each every year, and by the time they fly the nest they will have a set of their very own Christmas decorations to take with them.

How beautiful and delicate is this?
This was the first bauble bought for the Girl and I think it's still my favourite

Thankfully my sister has impeccable taste, and her annual gifts to our children and to our tree are much appreciated.

There are homemade items too; I made these Russian doll decorations from scraps of fabric left over at my sewing class...

…and I've hung my recently crocheted snowman, robin, penguin and Rudolph on the tree too.

Do you recognise this little fella?

In addition to our living room tree, we have a small tree in our dining room, on which are decorations made by the Girl, including some amazing felted ones she made at her kids craft class at Stitch last year:

The Girl made this fab, quirky little bee decoration last year.
Why a bee?  No idea, but I love it!

I've discovered some gorgeous vintage baubles at charity shops over the years, and they sit beautifully alongside more modern ones.  I've also bought some vintage-style baubles latterly which I just love:

True vintage...

...and vintage-style

We realised yesterday that - horror of horrors - we hadn't included a tree topper in the living room, so I made one out of cardboard and the Boy painted it silver.  It looks totally homemade but I don't care -  I don't care that the masking tape shows through the paint, or that bits have been missed - the Boy took so long painting it and is very proud of it, and rightly so.

The Boy's star - he's so pleased with it and I think it's brilliant

We have all manner of other decorations scattered around the house.  I've replaced the autumnal wreath on our inner front door with a snowman-themed one I crocheted last year.  I just love it and we get so many lovely comments on it:

Snowman wreath based on a fantastic pattern from Repeat Crafter Me

I got the pattern from Repeat Crafter Me, and for those of you who crochet it's a very easy pattern to follow.

I made a crocheted garland last year, which sits above our dining room fireplace. It was inspired by one to be found in Lucy from Attic 24's house; I just changed the wording and the colours to suit.

I also hang a wreath I made a couple of years ago, again based on a pattern from Attic24; it took me ages to complete as I hadn't been crocheting for very long, but I'm very proud of it (and look, more pom poms!).

My Christmas wreath, inspired by all things festive and
a similar wreath made by the amazing Lucy at Attic 24

And I finished this felt garland for our living room at the end of last week.  Yes I appreciate that orange and grey don't seem especially festive, but I love the colour combination and it really looks well above our fireplace.  All my own design too - yay me!

Try as I might, I cannot get the colours right on this photo!
The orange is much lighter than in this shot.
Had to have something orange in our decorations...!

There's hardly a wall or a room in our house that doesn't get something festive thrown at it, making for a cosy, creative and fun home over the festive period.

More Comfy Marmalade festive-ness, all to be found in our home...

I suspect this may be the last post this side of Christmas - in which case, I wish you all the happiest of Christmases.

Bye for now xxx

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