Thursday, 16 February 2017

Half Term havoc

This week is half term week in Comfy Marmalade land, and as such any plans for a detailed, photo-tastic, entertaining, informative blog have been somewhat scuppered. Days are taken up with entertaining the kids, and evenings are taken up with recovering from the days.  I'm not complaining though - I know I'm incredibly lucky to have all week with our little cherubs and not to need to rely on holiday clubs and the generosity of family and friends for childcare.

The half term weather has been a little mixed to say the least, as it probably should be in February in the north of England, to be fair.  Only halfway through the week we'd had rain, sun, wind and snow, and temperatures ranging from minus degrees to nine degrees within the space of 24 hours...

As I type, the Girl and the Boy are upstairs with one of the Girl's lovely friends, and they're all playing together at 'Dentists'.  I've heard some hammering but am assuming (hoping) that all will emerge from the Boy's bedroom with their molars intact.  Thankfully, despite a five-year age (and gender) difference, the Girl and the Boy are currently getting on incredibly well for the most part, and will play together happily, which is lovely to see.  I know the time will come very soon when the Girl will not wish to entertain or be entertained by her kid brother, so I'm glad they're making the most of it now.

We began the half term weekend with The Big Move.  That is, the Girl and Boy swapped bedrooms.  This has been on the cards for a week or two; surprisingly, the Girl instigated it despite the fact that she would be moving from her cavernous room to the Boy's compact space.  I think that's the key - she prefers cosy to expansive and her room was, in many ways, too big for her.  As she gets older her needs and wants get smaller (and more electronic, sadly); the Boy, on the other hand, is drowning in Lego, jigsaws, Scalextric, cranes, dress up and all manner of other stuff, mainly made of plastic, it would seem...

So in many ways the move has made a lot of sense.  We spent what felt like all last weekend swapping them around and, to be fair, it's worked quite well.  We stipulated to the kids before we started that there would be no going back once the move had taken place and, thankfully, they seem very happy indeed in their new rooms.

Since then we've visited a couple of indoor play areas with friends (loud, but good to work off some energy whilst the adults enjoy a chat and a coffee) and also a visit to our superb local park.  Up until fairly recently the park was awful - and I mean truly awful.  A couple of decaying swings, a non-functioning roundabout, two other decrepit items, and so much bogginess that you needed wellies even in the height of summer.  Then a Friends group got together, unlocking access to funding that local government wasn't allowed to get its hands on.  Working in conjunction with the local council and a company which specialises in facilitating local projects and funding applications, the Friends successfully raised enough money to completely rejuvenate the park, and what a brilliant job they have done.  We now have the most amazing facility for our children not 5 minutes' walk from here; the drainage issue has been sorted and there is an array of climbing frames, swings and other park-some goodies for the children to amuse themselves on.  It is heaving in summer with kids have a fantastic time, which is just a joy to see.  How lucky we are, truly.

So the blog has had to suffer somewhat this week.  Photos are impossible, no chance to take them never mind tart them up and pop them online.  Ho hum.  Standard service will be
resumed next week.  Once I've recovered from this week.  I'm off for another coffee...

Bye for now xxx

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  1. I misspent much of my youth in that park so have rather fond (if hazy) memories of those swings!
    Glad your two are enjoying their new rooms. We really need to edit some of Joe's things down but he's not having it... x

  2. I was amazed that the Girl voluntarily sifted through her stuff, and to be fair got rid of a reasonable amount of it. Don't think the Boy could do it... Ah, the tales that park could tell, eh?! Xx

  3. We have just swapped Luca's and Jasmine's bedrooms although Jasmine has taken his room and he is in the downstairs extension at the back away from us all!! Jasmine's dolls were taking over the house so all is good now! Hope you're enjoying the hols xx

    1. Sounds like everyone is happy then! The Girl has cut back on her dolls somewhat, which is fine by me as it was starting to feel like a silent nursery, bit spooky at times...! Having good holidays thanks, hope you are too xx