Monday, 27 March 2017

Getting to know you...

Blogging is a strange old thing.  You type away and upload all manner of text and photos, publish your post and then kind of hope for the best.  It's always a fine balance between revealing enough about yourself, and being honest enough, that people want to return to find out more about your blogging journey, whilst holding back on some areas of your life in order to maintain an air of curiosity and to protect your identity somewhat.

I decided from the start of my Comfy Marmalade journey that there were elements of my life I didn't feel were appropriate to share.  For example, although I regularly feature stories and anecdotes about the Girl, Boy and Husband, I've made a conscious decision not to include their names, and (apart from the odd occasion) not to use photos of them unless I've blurred them out or disguised their identity.

The Boy being creative in late 2016.  I chose to crop him mostly out of the photo

They take no active role or part in the blog, and the children especially need to have their identities protected somewhat, at least until they're much older and can decide for themselves whether they'd like to get involved.  And I think I've only included one photo of myself so far, apart from the one on my profile, and even then you can't see all of my face.

Yours truly, hiding behind one of my creations

I've also been suitably vague about exactly where we live and what our house looks like from the outside - it just doesn't feel right to enable visitors to pin us down to a specific location somehow.  Besides, it does no harm to keep a slight air of mystery about things!

I get regular and much welcome feedback from those who are enjoying my posts, some of whom I know personally. But there are a sizeable number of people who visit Comfy Marmalade that are relative strangers to me.  I could click on your profile and I might know your name, but I don't know anything about you really…

A little while ago, one of my favourite artists / designers, Jane Foster, used her Instagram feed to explain that she knew little about her followers, and encouraged people to leave a comment detailing a little bit about themselves.  It was a lovely idea, although I suspect she may have started to panic somewhat as time went on, as she had so many responses and appeared to be replying to each and every one!  What I found interesting, reading through the comments, was the wide variety of geographical locations, ages and interests, and reasons why those commenting connected and identified with Jane's work and her blog.  It made me realise that I know little about those who follow Comfy Marmalade, but also that most of you know relatively little about me, too.  And while I can't do much about the former, I can do something about the latter…

I realise and accept that some of you might like to know a little bit more about me personally than I've told you thus far, and so I thought as a start it might be a fun idea to list some of my likes and dislikes (not so many dislikes, thankfully), so that you get a more rounded picture of lil' ol' me.  I've avoided the obvious ones (family, crochet, crafting, home décor, chocolate, etc), as these are kind of givens really.  Hopefully the list below might give you more of an insight into who I am, what makes me tick and what floats my boat, so to speak.  I should add that this is not a definitive list in any way, shape or form - in fact I came up with this list over the course of a day or so!  It's a fluid list that changes on an almost daily basis, so please don't hold me to it…

LIKES: (in no particular order)

The opening bars of Sweet Child O' Mine and What A Wonderful World.  When you hear a piece of music and your heart starts to beat just that little bit faster… that's what happens to me when I hear these two tracks.  I love all music really; I have eclectic tastes, anything and everything from Nat King Cole to cheesy 80s stuff to Pink Martini to Olly Murs.  One of our favourite family things to do just before the kids go to bed is put on YouTube and take it in turns to choose songs to dance around the living room to.

Tattoos. I have six and counting, including a star, a bird and some flowers.  I said I wouldn't get any more, but I'm kind of getting an itch for another…

My ankle tattoo.  Photo's not the best but you get the idea.
I apologise for the leg fluff; my ankles have only just come out of winter hibernation!

Marmalade - on toast usually.  Also the colour of.  The Husband's home made version is delicious.

Husband's home-made marmalade.  Delish.

The comforting smell of warm, dry dog.  Kind of a popcorn smell I think is the best way to describe it.  Our dog is big and soft and absolutely loves cuddles; we often spoon on the sofa or the bed, just him and me and that warm doggy smell.

The dog in 'spoon' mode

The view of the hills as I drive home.  We are fortunate to live close to some amazing countryside, and the hill that marks out our village is unusual in that it has a very flat top.  I love the drive towards it as we head for home, it makes my heart sing.

The Northumberland coast.  If you haven't been, please add it to your 'to visit' list.  You will not be disappointed, I promise you.  Castles, empty beaches, wonderful eateries... sheer bliss.

Freesias.  Their scent is just gorgeous, my favourite of all floral smells.  And their presence instantly takes me back to my childhood and days with my paternal grandmother, who also loved them.  We don't do often do cut flowers in our house, but give me a bunch or two of sweet-smelling freesias and I'm a happy bunny.

Freesias currently in bloom in my Mother's Day bouquet

Salted peanuts, Butterscotch flavour Angel Delight and instant coffee (no sugar, very milky).  Not all at the same time, obviously.  And also the Eccles cakes (a pastry delicacy filled with currants and topped with sugar, non-UK peeps) from our local bakers.

Mother Nature.  Rainbows, spring flowers, stars and the moon, sunsets… there's little I find more amazing, inspiring or fascinating than the natural world around us and beyond us. 

A picture of a sunset I took close to where we live years ago;
still one of the best sunsets I've had the privilege of seeing

The Body Shop's Coconut perfume.  I've worn this scent for so many years now, and was devastated when they stopped producing the Coconut perfume oil a couple of years ago.  I went as far as to launch a one-woman campaign to get them to bring it back, but failed miserably.  The perfume is good, but I still hold out hope that they will see the light and bring back the perfume oil sometime soon.  Please. Pretty please…

AND A FEW DISLIKES: (also in no particular order)

Avocado.  Wrong wrong wrong.  Just plain wrong.  Eurgh.
Dog hair.  Why, no matter how much I vacuum, does it feel like the house is covered in them?  Thankfully the dog actually enjoys being vacuumed and will happily lie on his back while I run Henry Hoover's brush attachment over him, and I do the house regularly, but still the darned hairs are everywhere.
Slugs and worms. We have tons of them around here.  I will happily manhandle even the largest spider out of our bathroom, but the thought of touching a slug or a worm actually makes me feel nauseous.
The word 'gristle'.  It turns my stomach!
Pictures and paintings that aren't hung up straight, that sit at a slight angle.  I have to straighten them.

Well there you go - I quite enjoyed that!

Incidentally, if you'd like to find out more about Jane Foster and her amazing work, you can find her on Etsy HERE.  Jane's work is wonderful - simple, stylish, colourful and with a retro slant that I just can't resist.  I have numerous prints of hers, one of which sits above our toilet (sorry Jane!), and I even managed to bag one of her unique, handmade throws which I have displayed on our landing wall.

In the meantime, I'd love to know more about you, dear visitor to my Comfy Marmalade world; please do consider leaving a comment and let me know a little bit about yourself…

Bye for now xxx

(c) Comfy Marmalade 2017

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