Saturday, 15 April 2017

Easter eggs-cellence...

We're currently slap bang in the middle of school holidays here in Comfy Marmalade land.  The weather started off beautifully, but sadly has progressively become wetter and colder.  The last couple of days have been wet with small pockets of dry in between - long enough for a quick trip to the park (with a towel to dry off the equipment) but not much more than that.

Boy looks forlornly out of window, waiting for the current spring shower to end...

While the wet weather has been a bit depressing for those of us trying to keep the kids amused, the local flora has been lapping it up.  This last week or so has really seen the spring flowers in our garden come to life…

Look - I actually grew this!!!

The daffodils are well and truly out, and the tulips are just about to burst into life.  All manner of other blooms are also showing promise, including this anemone which is now on its second flower.

An anemone - you try saying that fast - and not a poppy as I previously thought
(thanks to all who pointed this out on my Instagram feed!)

Amazingly, I've also managed to successfully cultivate this amaryllis, which was a delightful gift from one of the Husband's customers at Christmas. 

Amaryllis = gorgeous

At that point it was just a bulb of course - I eyed it suspiciously, as I don't have the best track record with house plants.  This one however has been a joy, as it has required little attention, in fact it would seem that the meaner you treat it the more it thrives - go figure! The flowers have only come out in the last day or so, and I'm really delighted with them; they're beautiful - delicate but sturdy too, a lovely combination.

The main focus for the Girl and the Boy for the last couple of days has been the run up to Easter.  I confess that we're not the most religious of families in any way, shape or form, and so for us (or, more specifically for the kids) the pull of Easter is, of course, chocolate.  The Boy, now five and a half, is especially eggcited (sorry), and is very much looking forward to claiming his stash tomorrow (Easter Sunday).  I've been trying to manage and contain his enthusiasm by refusing to entertain any decoration of the house until today, but we're now in full-on Easter mode and the house is peppered with Easter egg decorations and references.

This garland comes out every year - I bought it in a local supermarket a couple of years ago and we pop it up in the hallway.

Happy Easter cardboard garland, customised by the Boy

This year, the Boy has added his own touch to it - he freestyled this chick, for example, which I think is just gorgeous, and stuck it on with sticky tack.

Chick.  I love this.

He also made this beautiful Easter daffodil at school out of card, a yellow bun case and a straw.  How bloomin' fantastic!

Easter Daffodil.  This one is definitely going in his memories box...

I LOVE the stuff that kids make, and I really struggle to part with it; as a consequence each of them have a growing boxful of their creations - handmade cards, presents and the like - in our attic.

The children and I made these Easter bunnies out of an old pair of the Girl's socks last year - they asked if they could have them out again this year, which I was happy to facilitate.

Easter bunnies made by the kids from some of the Girl's old socks.  Washed of course.

It was a really easy pattern to follow and I wish I could remember where it came from!  The socks seem very Easter-y in colour and design and I think they're really cute.

I made these Easter bunnies as a treat for the children last year.  The crochet pattern is free one - yes, free! - from the wonderful Cotton Pod and is mega-easy to follow.

Cotton Pod pattern bunnies.  How cute?!

I embellished the bunnies with a top hat for the Boy and a flower for the Girl, and immediately chastised myself for being so stereotypical.  I was delighted, therefore, when they immediately decided that each preferred the other's bunny!

These vintage-style eggs make a lovely display on top of our rustic set of drawers in the dining room.  And look at my orchid!  I must be developing green fingers after all…

Rather than hanging them anywhere, I've decided this year to plonk them in a ceramic bowl, and I think they look rather lovely.  The paper egg shapes are now stuck all over the house courtesy of the Boy, who has sticky tacked them everywhere.

Do you remember my branch that usually features the paper stars I made at Christmas?  Well for Easter, I decorated the branch with some crocheted Easter eggs that I made a couple of years ago.

The dog was not for moving...

Just in case you're worried about health and safety, we remove everything from around and in front of the fire (including the hound) before we light it!  The eggs really stand out against the dark fireplace, and the spring colours look stunning together.

Crocheted Easter eggs by yours truly - which one is your favourite?  I like the green one...

Finally, I found these Easter badges in another of our local superstores last year - they were on sale after last Easter for a fraction of their full price, and I snapped them up thinking I could use them for a craft project rather than as actual Easter badges.

Easter badges, to be used in a forthcoming Easter creation.
I hope.
Once I've decided what that is.

As it goes, time has conspired against me this year and I haven't yet come up with a suitable plan for them.  That said, I think I might just nip up to the attic and have a rootle through my ribbon stash; I'm thinking that I could maybe make another festive garland out of them.  Hmm...

As you can see, the Boy is getting impatient for tomorrow, and has been counting down the days using our lightbox.

Days until Easter Egg hunt - one.  The Boy is on countdown...

This evening I'll lay out the clues and the prizes for our now-traditional family Easter egg hunt; the kids enjoy it so much that they usually complete it in their pyjamas before breakfast.  This year they've already been spoilt rotten by a number of our very generous friends and family, who have showered them in advance with all manner of chocolate goodies.  All of which, I should add, are on display but way out of reach, with strict instructions that none should be touched until tomorrow.

Thank you to all you generous peeps who have gifted the kids their chocolate.
Their dentist hates you, but the kids love you...

Given that they already have more than their fair share of chocolate which, by my reckoning, should last us until around July, the Husband and I have decided this year to gift them only a modest egg, and then treat them with a trip to their favourite local book store where they can choose a book each.  Something more lasting, and yet hopefully just as enjoyable as a mouthful of the brown stuff.

Happy Easter, everyone.

Bye for now xxx

© Comfy Marmalade 2017

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  1. I'm the same with holding on to all the little makes from school and home. I saw a post on a blog once, where someone had photographed them and made an album. It looked really cool (and saved a ton of space!) Not that I'd ever be that organised... x

  2. I've heard about this too, but to be honest I prefer to hold on to the items themselves - I hope that in the future they'll still be intact enough to be able to hold them, read them and marvel at them. And embarrass the kids with them in front of their future girlfriends / boyfriends of course...!

  3. My in laws have some Christmas makes from their kids from way back. They come out every year and hilarity ensues. I love it. Mine are just starting to make 'things' and produce art which is nearly not scribbles. I already have far too much baby 'art'!

    1. Hi Samantha, I know what you mean about baby art. I started off hoarding everything but have since trained myself to keep only the key ones; our house would be groaning under the weight otherwise! And your in-laws sound like my kind of people... I can't wait to embarrass my two with their childhood creations when they get older! xx

  4. Found your blog via comments on Attic24 - a really lovely read!

    1. Ah, I love Attic24! Thank you for your lovely comment, and thanks for taking the time to post it xx